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BrandMe Up™ Index

Learn how we evaluate your competition and create a personalized strategy to separate yourself from the pack. Leverage the power of social media to position yourself as an expert in your field and establish credibility, authority, and visibility among your target audience.

BrandMe Up™ Index:

The Science Behind Our Stategies

We use a proprietary formula that allows us to gauge your digital presence, as well as that of your competitors, in real-time. The BrandMe Up™ Index is an algorithm that analyzes data from multiple variables, including every major social media platform, to determine the level of influence, visibility, and engagement each profile has in their industry.

Backed by Numbers

The BrandMe Up™ Index measures relevant indicators to provide an accurate metric of your digital presence.

Analytics and Insights

With the BrandMe Up™ Index, we can identify opportunities to boost your influence and visibility in your field.

Measurable Progress

The indicator’s 0-100 score allows you to track progress as our strategies are implemented over time