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Build Your Brand Online



Build Your Brand Online

Explore with us the keys to crafting a standout digital identity on LinkedIn. Learn to tell your story, engage your network, and use powerful digital strategies to solidify your personal brand and propel your positioning forward.

About Us

Square Root Marketing is a full-service, multi-functional marketing and public relations agency with offices in Miami and Mexico City, with roots stretching throughout the United States ad Latin America.

What is Social Selling?

It’s the art of using your digital presence strategically, leveraging your
story and experiences to connect, engage, and influence.
Let’s how LinkedIn can help you as the main corporate network.

Building Connections

By engaging with peers and thought leaders, you can build a network that establishes you as a key player in your field.

Engaging Content

Share insights, stories, and experiences that resonate with your audience to establish credibility and attract potential clients

Consistent Interaction

Comment on, share, and respond to posts to maintain visibility and demonstrate your commitment to your community and industry.

"Social is not a place for a hard sell,
It’s a place to build trust and credibility."

Julio Viskovich

Discover your Unique
Identity on LinkedIn

Based on the strengths of your profile and the way
you naturally interact on LinkedIn; you will have an identity
that defines the steps to take to boost your positioning
on the network.


Key Strength: Comprehensive Profile and Credibility Experts in crafting impactful LinkedIn Profile



Key Strength: Strategic Connections. Skilled at connecting and networking



Key Strength: A Blank Canvas to Create Beginning their LinkedIn journey, focused on building a foundational presence



Key Strength: Content Management. Known for sharing knowledge and thought leadership

Unlock Your
LinkedIn Potential

Discover the perfect strategy for your unique LinkedIn Persona
with our tailored guides. Whether you’re a Builder, Networker,
Starter, or Insider, we have the insights you need to succeed.

⬙ Effective CTAs

Discover the recommended actions to accelerate
your growth and generate meaningful interactions today

⬙ Insights & Tips

We share with you some key tips, from post frequency to managing your profile architecture.

How to evaluate
your Relevance on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) measures a user’s effectiveness
in establishing their professional brand, finding the right people,
engaging with insights, and building relationships.

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