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Square Root Marketing Commemorates Women’s History Month with “Empowering Her Stories” Campaign

Miami, March 31st, 2024 – Square Root Marketing, the independent marketing and public relations agency, concluded the commemoration of Women’s History Month with the “Empowering Her Stories” campaign, a celebration of the women who shape our organization and the broader business world. With a significant 65% of our team roles filled by woman, including our Founder and CEO Andrea Padilla, we are demonstrating our commitment of fostering gender equality and women’s empowerment in the corporate sphere. 

The highlight of our month-long celebration was the insightful panel on generative artificial intelligence, «A Future Written with Generative Artificial Intelligence: Insights for Businesses,» hosted in Mexico City. This event saw the convergence of women executives from diverse sectors, sharing their pioneering work in integrating AI into business strategies for enhanced competitiveness and productivity. 

«The influence of female perspectives in developing transformative technologies like generative AI is not just about diversity,” said Andrea Padilla, CEO and Founder of Square Root Marketing. “It is about harnessing our collective talent to evolve the business landscape towards a more inclusive, successful future for everyone. This campaign is a testament to our efforts to elevating the stories of women who are driving change.» 

In addition to the panel, the «Empowering Her Stories» campaign featured special initiatives, including sending commemorative International Women’s Day cards to clients and partners, hosting a celebratory team lunch, and personalizing our digital spaces with dedicated backgrounds and headers.  

As Square Root Marketing continues to grow, our commitment to creating authentic brand-audience connections remains unwavering. With offices in Miami and Mexico, and a presence in over 10 markets across Latin America, our agency’s mission is fueled by a dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and the empowerment of women in every facet of our operations. 

About Square Root Marketing 

Square Root Marketing is an independent marketing and public relations agency with offices in Miami and Mexico, and present in more than 10 markets in Latin America. The agency’s mission is to create authentic connections between brands and their audiences. Its client portfolio includes renowned organizations such as Marriott International, Diageo, Millicom Tigo, Backbase, 2innovate, and Techreo, among others. The agency is recognized for its flagship products such as the Thought Leadership program BrandMe Up™; its strategic public relations program, Public Square™; and its proprietary generative artificial intelligence platform, SquareScribe™. For more information about Square Root Marketing, visit and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn.  


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