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Banking and Fintech: Boosting Leaders’ Growth Through Online Interaction

By: Iván Hernández, IMT
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In this new digital era, social media has transformed how we communicate with others, both in our personal and professional lives. Organizationally, it has become an essential tool for marketing and client interaction, as it is one of the best ways to connect with the target audience. Social Networking allows companies to show a completely different face to their customers or users, thanks to the use of different platforms, websites, or social networks. Instead of sharing press releases and quarterly reports, organizations and their leaders can now leverage X, Facebook, or Instagram to broadcast live events, reveal the company culture, and even share industry information from the perspective of their employees and customers. 

For this reason, organizations must be aware that the same effort must be put into positioning their leaders as is put into their products or services. According to the study «The Digital Pulse of Banking and Fintech in Latin America,» in 2023, Google searches per second are approximately 99, reaching over 8.5 million daily. In this context, it’s evident that every action taken on public relations platforms and social networks creates a trail or «Digital Footprint.» 

This Digital Footprint acts as an identification card in the online world, reflecting who we are, how and with whom we communicate, as well as what we share and consume. In industries like Banking and Fintech, this footprint becomes a differentiating factor for the success of leaders and companies, defining how they are perceived by investors, their ability to attract clients, and the strength of their partnerships. 

Currently, the financial industry has undergone a digital evolution thanks to the advancement and adoption of new technologies. Companies specializing in financial technology, known as Fintech, are leveraging the capabilities of these tools to improve operational efficiency, make more informed decisions in less time, and provide better experiences to their customers. 

The aim of this study, conducted by Square Root Marketing, a marketing and public relations specialized agency, is to offer a comprehensive view of an executive’s digital influence and leadership position within their organization relative to competitors and the industry at large. Furthermore, it serves as a key tool for establishing annual, semi-annual, or quarterly positioning strategies for specific markets, allowing the identification of strengths, weaknesses, and focal points in generating visibility and demand. 

Through an algorithm, the ranking known as the BrandMe Up Index evaluated the main external communication activities of banking and Fintech leaders, with the purpose of establishing comparative elements between both sectors, revealing the current state of the company, its strengths, and the opportunities for the financial industry in the region. 

«Corporate reputation is increasingly influenced by digital presence and executive leadership. In the competitive arena of banking and Fintech, a leader’s digital influence and visibility can be a key differentiator,» mentioned Andrea Padilla, CEO of Square Root Marketing. The ranking for the first half of 2023 showcases the following banking leaders in the top 20: 

Alejandro Valenzuela of Banco Azteca leads the ranking with 78 points. This is attributed not only to his significant dynamism in media during the first half of the year but also to a solid presence on social networks such as LinkedIn and Instagram, with over two years of constant interaction online. Additionally, his content has touched on industry-relevant topics, such as female leadership at the regional level and cybersecurity.  

The study includes comparative results from 2022 and 2023, as well as a detailed analysis for key markets in regions like Mexico, Brazil, Central America, and South America. If you’re interested in learning about each of the executives featured in the ranking and the complete study, visit the website and their Instagram and LinkedIn social media pages. 


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