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The Call for Presidential Candidates to Include AI in Their National Agendas

By: Giselle Soriano
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Governments and candidates in Mexico are leaving generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) out of their agendas, a topic the country must address to overcome certain vulnerabilities, experts warned. 

Andrea Padilla, founder of the marketing agency Square Root Marketing Services Inc, pointed out in an interview with MILENIO that artificial intelligence is not included in the proposals of presidential candidates or in government programs. 

The expert stated:  

“At least nine Latin American economies have elections this year, and in their government programs, how many of them talk about generative artificial intelligence? None. And it’s noteworthy that in Mexico we have a candidate who touts herself as a technologist and yet doesn’t include it in her agenda. It needs to be put on the table, so governments become aware that it is a reality.” 

In this regard, she emphasized that artificial intelligence would help companies become more competitive and productive in their processes and operations.  

Andrea Padilla further explained:  

“There are tools based on artificial intelligence that various applications use to operate; they can suggest promotions based on your birthday, age, and gender.” 

Additionally, Angélica Figueroa, marketing director of TOGA Customer Services, a technology specialist company, and a board member of the specialized site Mundo Contact, pointed out that government institutions have a lot of work to do in this field. 

She noted that it is first necessary to understand the dimension and scope of artificial intelligence so that, once this step is taken, legislation can be enacted to support developers and creatives. She mentioned:  

“Artificial intelligence generates vulnerabilities both in the care of personal data and public image, as well as in the protection of copyright.” 

Figueroa stated that artificial intelligence would benefit certain companies, such as those dedicated to customer service to program bots for automated chats, or those in commerce to better understand consumers to increase sales. 

She emphasized that artificial intelligence manages interactions with the goal of providing personalized attention, resulting in greater loyalty and fidelity of customers towards the company.  


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