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BrandMe Up™ Index by Square Root Marketing highlights gender inequality in the Latin American banking industry

By: Fintech Expert
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The study «The Digital Pulse of Banking and Fintech in Latin America» uncovers a concerning gender disparity in the financial sector, with just 5.40% of industry leaders being women. 

Alejandro Valenzuela of Banco Azteca leads the ranking in the Banking sector, followed by Roberto Saluoti of Banco BTG Pactual and Fausto de Andrade, former CEO of Banco de Brasil. In the Fintech field, Sergio Furio of Creditas and David Velez of Nubank prevail, demonstrating the strength of the Brazilian market. Pablo Viguera of Belvo ranks third.  

Although we live in a digital age, only 7% of Banking and Fintech executives maintain consistent activity on B2B platforms like LinkedIn. Interestingly, the size or prestige of a bank does not necessarily ensure the visibility of its leadership, as many of the top executives found in the study do not belong to top financial institutions in the region.  

The digital presence and visibility of a leader have become a crucial differentiator in the competitive world of banking and fintech. The study, using a proprietary algorithm, assesses the main external communication activities of leaders, from traditional media to corporate events and social networks. 

 Additionally, it presents comparisons of results between 2022 and 2023, along with detailed analyses for key markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Central America, and South America. This revelation of gender inequality in executive roles in the financial sector highlights the need for more efforts towards equality in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Greater diversity in leadership can drive innovation and competitiveness, making it essential for institutions to address this imbalance. 


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