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Square Root Marketing Measures Bankers Reputation and Leadership in the Digital World

By: Hugo González
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If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, or if you’re someone who spends hours consuming and reproducing toxic content on X, don’t wonder why you can’t land the job you want. Employers are looking not just for capability but also for reputation, and that’s something that can be built or lost on social media. It’s not about vanity or ego; these are business strategies.  

That’s why it’s interesting to find out who are the banking and fintech leaders in Latin America with the best reputation and engagement. At the top of the financial fame podium, we have Alejandro Valenzuela from Banco Azteca, the man who has conquered the digital world with his banking eloquence. Beside him, Roberto Saluoti from Banco BTG Pactual and Fausto de Andrade, the former CEO of Banco de Brasil.  

And who is the judge in this parade of bankers? It’s the algorithm created by Square Root Marketing, a marketing and public relations agency that measures «reputation» and «leadership» in the digital world. 

 According to Square Root Marketing, only 7% of banking and Fintech executives consistently use LinkedIn. It also reveals that the size of the bank doesn’t matter since some of the most influential leaders in the industry don’t even come from the largest institutions. So, go update your LinkedIn profile because in the digital age, reputation is built online, not in a fancy building in financial districts. 


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